President Ruto has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to digitize all services.

1/18/2023 2:30:20 PM

Kenya's President William Ruto has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to digitize all its services.

Ruto said, at the moment, only 15 per cent of services were being offered digitally with the remainder set to be realized soon.

“It will soon be possible for Kenyans to access services from the comfort of their homes using the internet,” he said.

He has also vowed that the government will support innovative ideas which are geared towards boosting economic growth.

Property Management Systems have evolved as different developers penetrate the market. Depending on the developer, the system can offer different solutions to landlords, agents and tenants, ranging from tenant screening to record keeping, generating reports for landlords and providing updates for tenants.

The landlords, on one hand, will simply operate from an app which gives them notifications and reports. Instead of dealing with the raw data, they only get refined reports of what matters. The reports include expenses incurred in maintenance and their overall balance after all the deductions are made.

In the reports, if there are recurring issues such as tenants constantly requesting for repairs of broken showers, the landlord can easily establish whether there is an issue with their supplier or their repair team and make necessary changes.


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