SILQU to be featured in the Google Hustle Academy new speaker series.

12/12/2022 7:11:04 PM

Google has announced a new speaker series in which successful African entrepreneurs will share lessons and advice, furthering its commitment to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive.

Dubbed “Hustle Academy Brings You…”, the new talk-show style video series will feature renowned and respected entrepreneurs from across Africa.

Among them is Kenya’s Bramwell Kipkoskei who is the co-founder of SILQU.

They will share practical advice and growth tips to inspire emerging entrepreneurs.

This is meant to complement and expand the Hustle Academy training.

This speaker series will allow SMEs to get insight from business owners from an array of sectors, focusing on the issues, themes, and subjects they face on a regular basis.

“Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of the global economy, and in Africa, they account for an estimated 80% of jobs,” Shikha said.

“In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are an estimated 44 million MSMEs which function as important drivers of economic growth.”

Google is committed to supporting businesses in Africa and initiatives like the Hustle Academy and the new speaker series help businesses take advantage of all the opportunities that the web offers and equip them with the tools to develop and grow.


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