Oversee every aspect of Property management from a single app

11/10/2022 11:18:32 AM

Whether you’re a landlord who owns a personal rental, or multiple units, Silqu is your one-stop solution to streamline workflows and centralize your data, reducing task duplications and the chaos of daily operations.

Our system provides significant benefits which allow accessing real-time information and also saving time & money. SILQU benefits includes Easier to Monitor Finances, Efficient Property Management, Simple Accounting, Save Valuable time, Quick Access, Superb Security & Convenient Storing Documents etc. Heres What you will get with SILQU

1.  Get rapid insights from your dashboards

Use real-time dashboards to get a quick overview of important metrics. Track tenant complaint status, vacant properties, rent received or overdue, and much more

2.  Provide Personalized landlord and tenant management portals.

Give tenants and owners instant access to the information they need. Through the tenant portal, residents can pay rent, raise questions or complaints, and view their visitor details

3.  Keep track of important details.

Keep tenant information, including contact info, unit number, and lease documents organized and easily accessible. Find out in advance when rent agreements need to be renewed or vacate notices issued.

4.  Handle maintenance and unexpected repairs.

Manage maintenance for all your units using customer portals. Tenants can request repairs from any device, adding detailed information, photos, and additional notes. Property managers can then immediately assign staff to address issues and resolve them quickly.

5.  Market your properties. 

With an intuitive interface, you can easily create attractive listings of your rental properties, including the details that prospective tenants need to know. Share your listings across a network of real estate marketplaces and feature them on our website to attract more buyers.

6.  Encourage on-time rent payment.

Record rental payments and keep track of outstanding balances and payment histories. Landlords or property managers can run rent roll reports, schedule notifications to remind tenants that their rent is due, and automatically email invoices on payment.

But that's not all—we've got more in store for you

SILQU includes a completely integrated billing manager, inbuilt accounting system that offers General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, and intelligent financial reports that integrate seamlessly with a powerful property management software system.

We’re built to upkeep landlords needs. Whether you’re working in an office or looking to streamline financials, SILQU got you covered.

Sign up today and enjoy up to 30 Days FREE TRIAL.


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